Honorable Mentions

Of Awesome People.

Below you will find a list of people and companies that require an Honorable Mention. Whether it be because they've made an impact in my life or paid me to put them below, they deserve a mention and I hope that you check them out!

AkkrinNet Gaming Community

AkkrinNet get's a mention on here because it's a great business which is full of friendly staff and awesome people. If you haven't heard of them they are a Gaming / Internet Centre based Scotland. They are going to be the next best thing in Scottish Gaming!


Casual get's a mention here because he's a beautiful human being who is at peace with mother nature herself. He has a full grown beard that could conceal a small child and half a gallon of fuel. Stay pretty Casual.


X-Gamer is on the Honorable Mentions list as it's one of the best energy/focus drinks I've ever tried. Keeps me alert, active and focused when playing and I feel much better. Plus, Matt is a lovely guy. Check 'em out, try them out! It's great! (Zomberry is the best)


Mixer.com is one of my favourite streaming websites. I've streamed on Twitch, Youtube, Hitbox and Mixer but out of them all, Mixer is my favourite. The community is amazing, the staff are awesome and the service they provide is exceptional! The best thing about it is the FTL Protocol with a 0.2-second delay between the streamer, to you!